Using Kiwi-NG to create VMWare VM ?


Have searched to no avail. This would seem the most appropriate forum since Kiwi-NG fits under OBS, even when run locally. :slight_smile:

I am trying to use Kiwi-NG on OpenLeap 15.2 (installed from OBS) to create “ready to run” virtual machines appliances for VMWare ESXi hosts.

So would like either OVA (vmware flavour) or vmdk (that I can import into inventory) as an output from Kiwi.

I have tried modifying the JeOS OpenLeap 15.2 example, but even when using the basic sample and specifying vmx / vmdk it is not compatible with VMWare.

I am struggling to create a xml config based on the documentation I found at

I only need a minimal VM as I will be installing just the VMWare tools and UPS software as a replacement for the VMA appliance that VMWare has discontinued.

Does anyone have a working config.xml for a VMWare compatible output they care to share ? Obviously with users section removed.

All (polite) suggestions appreciated - there is definitely a learning curve here !


Hi and welcome to the Forum :slight_smile:
Maybe read here might help: (and

This image should work (just remove the unused profiles)?