Using KIWI NG to build Unified Kernel Image


I’m new to this forum and I apologize in advance if I am putting this question in the wrong category/place.

I am currently trying to use KIWI NG to build an Unified Kernel Image that can be booted directly with efibootmgr (without grub or any other bootloader). However, I am facing some trouble to do so and also unable to find any good examples or references on how to configure the config.xml file to do so produce an efi file + a system partition file.

When I set the config.xml to:

< preferences profiles=“efi”>
< type image=“oem” filesystem=“ext4” firmware=“uefi”>
< /type>
< /preferences>

And I did not install grub under my packages, the KIWI NG failed to build.

Does anyone has any examples or references on how I can build efi image with KIWI NG that I can boot directly with efibootmgr?

Thanks very much!