Using KDE4 Desktop in 11.3

I’m trying to get used to the new and “improved” version 11.3 and have a small problem. When I minimize an application (e.g., Firefox or Writer) it disappears from sight, never to be seen nor heard from again. Not even an icon at the bottom of the screen!

So, has anyone seen my minimized applications? If so, please return them to me…or simply explain how I can get them back :stuck_out_tongue:


It may be a silly question but do you have the task manager in a panel? When they are minimised that is where the apps can be restored from.

Um, no, apparently I didn’t. But now I do! Thanks!

Solution: right-click on panel at the bottom and choose Panel Options–>Add Widgets… and then select the Task Manager (widget) and drag it onto the panel. Applications will magically appear.