Using gcc5 in OS 42..1

I have installed gcc5 in OS 42.1 and invoke it as gcc-5, as opposed to the normal gcc, which is 4.8. I can successfully compile but when I link, the C++ standard library for gcc-5 is not being automatically found. I do have the ‘libstdc++6-devel-gcc5’ package installed. What do I have to specify on the compiler/linker command line so that the C++standard library for gcc5 is found ?

Maybe someone might have better insight, but

AFAIK the gcc version you select should automatically create links to dependencies.

Maybe you’re not specifying the correct gcc in your makefile?

An alternative to passing the command to point to the correct gcc is to create an update-alternatives,
If you wish to try this, I wrote up a Wiki page how to do this


This was my mistake. I was using ‘/user/bin/gcc-5’ instead of the correct ‘/user/bin/g+±5’ on the command line.