Using Eclipse C++ toolchain on OpenSuse 11.0

I want to use Eclipse to develop C++ projects on Linux. Particularly I want to modify stable and widely used open source projects using the Eclipse CDT. One of them is Intel Opencv ( ) . There are tutorials to create simple c++ projects like here : Developing applications using the Eclipse C/C++ Development Toolkit .

I have seen plenty of tutorials for using Eclipse CDT to write programs in
OpenCv like here : Eclipse - OpenCV Wiki or
Windows C++ Development Environment Setup for OpenCV . However i
want to use Eclipse to make changes to the OpenCv platform itself and compile it
from there. I really like many of Eclipse’s features like :Syntax highlighting
,Outline ,Code assist, Code templates, Code history etc … Would someone write a
small tutorial on how can one make a project in Eclipse from the OpenCv tarball
? I would use Eclipse CDT on Linux .

Can Eclipse CDT recognize Makefile as it can do for ant scripts?