Using Dolphin instead of Nautilus, under GNOME

Greetings, i`m using OpenSUSE 11.3 with GNOME “attached”. My problem is that Nautilus has become a burden for me and my simple needs. I often encounter a slow responsiveness (lag) and a slow speed browsing throughout folders/files. I have installed Dolphin and i wish to set it up as my default File Manager.

Thing is - Nautilus should not be slow. Is something else slowing things down.

You can use Dolphin but I would think it’s not ideal and I’m not sure Gnome can set it to default

It takes ~3 seconds for the first time to initialize. After this, it looks like it remains in memory (on later usage, it is quite fast).

So there is no way for eliminating Nautilus and using any other File Manager ?


Can you start nautilus form the command line and paste the eventual error message.

I’m using Gnome (and I’m pretty much a dedicated kde user) and Nautilus is very quick. Start time… about a blink
As for kde, I find Konqueror quicker than Dolphin.
You could add a dolphin launcher to the panel in Gnome or just use KDE

Here’s a PasteBin of

gnomesu nautilus

[Bash] desen -](

I think im going to delete those two extensions, might speed up the first-start. I dont use them anyways.

why are you trying to run as su?

I concur ? Why run nautilus in root ??? :open_mouth:

Using sudo is the only method i know to return trackable messages in Terminal. By writing a simple “nautilus” command, nothing will happen (except for the file manager, which will be lauched).

If there were problems, running ‘nautilus’ in the terminal would show them.
What you are doing is attempting to launch nautilus in super user mode (Dolphin does have a super user file manager) but not nautilus. Though it can be done, I have never tried.

Personally I think you are ‘barking up the wrong tree’

Maybe you should see what ‘top’ shows in the terminal. If there are underlying circumstances that may be a cause of some slight delay.
What graphics device and driver you have…

I have uninstalled some of the plugins and it gained speed. Oh well, i`m still sad that under GNOME i cannot use Dolphin as my default File Manager.