Using Documenten(dutch) but Documents every time created.


I have used openSuse 11.1 KDE for a long time but I wanted to give GNOME a try. So I installed openSuse 11.2 GNOME and copied all my home files back to my home folder.
But by default, GNOME used Documenten instead of Documents so I moved all my Documents to Documenten and removed the folder Documents.
But every time when I look at my home folder, Documents is created automatically with 2 empty files, a writer and calc file.

Why is this and how can I fix this so Documents will be never created again?

To me this seems to be names used by OpenOffice. Is that possible or don’t you use that?

When it is OO related try to find somewhere in the configurations of OO where this default is set. OTAH why should you care about the existence of one more directory?

And if I may add, it is a rather drastic metod to completely reinstall because you only want to use another DE. Just installing Gnome from YaST > Software > Software Management and then Patterns (upper left) gives you Gnome. Then you can choose at every login from the login screen (lower left menu) which one you want to use today.

I did a clean install because it was time to do it. After some time, I install a clean system so all other stuff (compiled by myself) I don’t need, is removed.

I first thought also about openoffice but when I remove the Documents folder and start oowriter or oocalc, there is no folder created. Strange…