Using cups in Chrome

This issue has been hanging around for a while, I believe.
When trying to login to Cups to administer printers/printing, you receive an error if using Chrome, as it won’t correctly authenticate - you never receive a login box.
Other browsers work properly.
Apparently this is an issue with V2.2.7 of cups (refer Updating to 2.2.8 apparently should fix this.
The available “current” version of cups is STILL 2.2.7.
Anyone aware of a fix for this?

There is a CUPS 2.3 available in the Printing repository for 15.1 according to


Thanks for that, but can only find Tumbleweed versions for 2.3b6, and that throws up its hands when trying to install in 15.1…

Will need specific error (I assume you may be using YaST or one-click install, you may need to run zypper to display the error),
And depending on the error perhaps you should submit a bug. One way to submit your bug is directly to the OBS project


As @tsu2 wrote… 2.3 is available in the 15.1 “Printing” repository:

Yep, that was a lesson well earned (and probably deserved!!)

Did you know that if you uninstall Cups (because there are too many conflicts with the Beta, otherwise), it uninstalls 600+ progs… And the system doesn’t work real well after that. Pity!

But, yes, think I deserved that, as I should have know better!

Ah well. At least I now have a brand new install of Leap 15.1, and still have a cups version that won’t run in Chrome… I’ll stick with Firefox, for the time being.

Remember if you’re installed on BTRFS, you can simply roll back to before your uninstall (a snapshot is created automatically every time you install or uninstall a package), or for that matter before you even installed the 2.3 CUPS package.