Using Compiz on KDE?

I recently started using OpenSuSE, coming from a year on Kubuntu as my introduction to Linux operating systems. I had tried out Compiz and liked it, though I used KWin more often than not, and I thought I’d give it a try. However, when I went into YaST to get it, I noticed that it wants to install gnome-desktop and some GNOME programs along with it…I had at one pointed tried Ubuntu Studio alongside my Kubuntu desktop, and I regretted it immediately because ever since I had done that a bunch of things got screwed up in KDE. So I’m a little leery about installing GNOME just to get Compiz working…

Is there a way to use Compiz without the gnome-desktop? Shouldn’t it just need GNOME libraries to work? Is installing gnome-desktop along with Compiz going to screw things up and add a bunch of GNOME programs I don’t want or need (ex. Nautilus) alongside KDE? If so, I won’t bother getting it, so I thought I’d ask, because I don’t want to screw things up like I did on Kubuntu.

I wouldn’t bother.
KDE uses kwin which provides effects.

If you really must use Compiz, go ahead, break a leg, it’ll drag in a load of gnome stuff. You just have to accept the removal of kde-pure.

Check Ian’s guide
Installing and Configuring Compiz - openSUSE Forums

Not really, as for what it will install not sure(Don’t think it is anything like nautilus but not sure). They should live perfectly happily along side each other. You can review what its about to install and just say no.

The best answer is to point you here What do you NOT like about openSUSE? - openSUSE Forums it is possible but would need some editing of a spec file.

It’s kind of the itch that needs scratching that no one wants to scratch. Sadly I think many of the kde fans are happy with kwin.

Sadly I think many of the kde fans are happy with kwin.

Yeah, we’re really sad.:slight_smile:
I’m a Gnome user too now.

I don’t bother mixing desktops now in single installs. But the choice is there, if you want it.

And how many times do we see turn off the effects :wink:

I’m neither, I’m a compiz, emerald and cairo-dock(Bling without the bloat) if I could find a decent systray LXDE would be gone.

Actually I lied I like lxterminal

Edit 2
Oh hell its a mongrel its xfce terminal