Using BIND to bring my work DNS home!

I work from home a lot and have a site-to-site VPN to my office. At the moment I have to address all my servers using IP address and a friend of mine said I should set up BIND on my linux machine to replicate the DNS from my work. Trouble is I’m not sure how to go about it.

Does anyone have any helpful articles or steps on how to do this please?

Thanks in advance.

Probably easier is to use the work dns server to resolve ip addresses. Set the vpn dns to use the work server when you connect to work.
Another way is if there aren’t too many machines you connect to at work is to put them in the /etc/hosts file.

If I use work servers to resolv DNS that means ALL my dns traffic is going over my site-to-site which I’m informed would be slower. I’m hoping to learn something about BIND doing it this way too so hoping to kill 2 birds with 1 stone.

Thanks for the suggestions anyway. I’d thought about using /etc/hosts but again, that’s not going to teach me about BIND either.

Whych is right, you should just use your work DNS server when you are connected via the VPN.

The volume of DNS traffic amounts to hardly anything compared to the rest of the traffic. If you learn about DNS you will understand this.

Learning about bind is a separate issue. If you want to do it your way and install a dns server, you would need to do regular zone transfers and I doubt your work server would allow this. Also, depending on the size, this would generate more traffic than a few lookups would.
Remember, once your pc has resolved an address, it keeps it in cache so it doesn’t need to resolve it every time. This means that your work connection traffic to the nameserver is negligible compared to the rest.