using all features of microsoft natural ergonomic desktop 7000 mouse/keyboard

Hi SuSe folks,

i am looking for some graphical interfaces to configure the side and wheel buttons of my microsoft natural wireless laser mouse 7000? I searched fruitless in yast and the kde4 system settings. I could slightly remember that there is a way in configuring the xorg.conf (i will look for this if the graphical way fail), but i will give the easy way(gui) the first choice.

Secondly, a few of the extra buttons of my microsoft natural keyboard do not respond. Some of the free configurable numbered buttons, the calculator button and the best of this keyboard the zoom slider. I am afraid that this is an driver issue, but before i give them up i am asking?

So are there some experiences with this comfortable input devices around here?

If this thread results in some good solutions i will bring it into the wiki.

regards, odesu