Using 10.3 Net Install CD to install 11

I have a Net Install CD for openSUSE 10.3 which I have used successfully and am now looking at upgrading to 11. Actually I am looking at installing it fresh on a new hard drive, not upgrade the existing installation.

One of the steps in the installation is telling it where the OSS repository is located.

I am wondering, could I just have it point to the openSUSE 11 repository instead or does the CD and repository match?

I’m just hoping to keep from having to download and burn another CD. I really should figure out how to install it on a USB stick so I can just overwrite it with an up-to-date version when available.

I do a lot of installing/reinstalling on my laptop since I use it for demonstrating Linux at the special interest group meetings.


I know you did not want to download the 11 net cd but thought I would my experiences with you and you be the judge whether it is a solution for yourself.

I have an IBM desktop with a non upgradable cd drive (no dvd for 11 install) I had set the machine up using the base 10.3 cd and now wanted to upgrade to 11 leaving my Windows wifi card in place running ndiswrapper.

No base 11 cd and no update option from the Live cd :mad: After trial and error I downloaded the 11 net install cd and booted, noted it did have an upgrade option. Had already downloaded the 11 dvd and used it to upgrade my notebook successfully. I got a usb drive and copied the entire contents of the dvd to a folder “openSUSE”. I booted from the net cd as the pc could not connect to the network, wifi not supported. I noted the cd went into manual mode and gve me the option select a hard drive location for the repository. Did a reboot from the cd and as it was rebooting connected the usb drive and it mounted that as well during the boot. When the install went to manual mode I selected the mounted Windows usb drive, for the directory prompt I entered /openSUSE. The net install cd used the usb drive as its source and upgraded the pc to 11;)


Great method you got it working!

I tried with the 10.3 CD and it came back with an error about them being different so I went ahead and downloaded the 11 Net Install CD and used that ( I didn’t have a 10.3 installation so it was a clean install).

Nice thing about the Net Install is if they have updated the repositories I get the latest version.

Eventually I’ll get the Net Insaller on the USB, when I have one to spare (so I can install it and not have to use it for anything else). I know there are options but now that I have it installed (and loving it) I have less incentive to look into it for now :wink: