Users/Root Pass

Hi Guys

I am very new to linux am addicted to Windows but want to kill that addiction,.

I have just installed KDE 11 and i did create a log in with out a password

Now i need to know few thngs…

1- is Root same as my log in…
2- How do i create a new administrator
3- how do i reset the root password.

Apparently i have forgoten the pass i set…

Urhelp will be appreciated .

Let me google that for you

i am better of to just re-install SUSE again…

Being a fresh install, reinstalling is quick and easy, take care with passwords.

Also, welcome to openSUSE.

Thanks… I guess ill reinstall.

MazKassam wrote:
> i did create a log in with out a password

please, for the security of your machine: do not create a login
without a password…AND, create a completely different, and strong,
password for root…

to do otherwise just helps move your Linux toward being as easy to
crack as your Redmond…(it will never be as easy, but no passwords
and easy dictionary attack root passwords make the cracker’s job too easy)

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Reinstallation is another primitive reaction from the Redmond world.

Use YaST > Securityy and users > Users and group management to give your user a password. After that the user can change thatpassword himself as often as (s)he wants.

For changing the root password start a terminal and do

sudo passwd

this will ask for old and new root passwords.

Thanks Guys , Each and every piece of info works. Now some other stuff.

  1. How do i install my wireless card
  2. My Printer
  3. My Outlook … Any Alternate how do i convert my .pst file to … whatever.
  4. Can i install ADOBE CS3 on a linux …?

Your input will be appreciated…

You would get better answers if you post each question separately to the appropriate forum, with the appropriate title and more details, e.g. model name of the hardware.

Forum threads are not endangered species, no need to conserve them. You only hurt your chances of getting good answers if you make it hard for people to find your question and to keep the topic on-track without multiple issues in the thread.