Users of Sony Vaio VGN CS 36MJ (seeking someone using Linux on this machine)

Is there some one outthere having installed Linux on SONY VAIO VGN CS-36MJ.
And using it fine. . .
I got my monitor flickering at the bottom(horizontal line changing pink&green colour)after installing openSUSE 11.2.
I** ignored it initially**, now the entire screen is flickering in green,pink and blue with
lines. :frowning:

I’m sure its some thing to do with hardware compactability.(Wrong drivers to support hardware or something).Did someone tested linux on this exact machine.If so please give the distro name..
NB:It flickers when i switched to Windows Vista/7(multi boot).But disappears after using it for 20-30 mins.

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Hi there - was your laptop hardware [monitor screen] working fine prior to any install of linux/windows…?

Was this on your own machine → “NB:It flickers when i switched to Windows Vista/7(multi boot). But disappears after using it for 20-30 mins.”

because it sounds suspect of hardware and not software/driver related. If you had a properly installed version of windows vista/7, and its still not displaying properly - more then likely its hardware… not software.

cheers, vj

I am not sure if the Original Poster is still looking for solution, however I have found out that Sony is giving extended support on models where there is a changing colour/flickering issue.

Please arrange a repair collection with Sony on this. Here is the link the support guy sent me.

Hope this helps.