Users of CAE and CAD programs !!!

Hello to everybody,

I am a new user of Linux platform, and I’m curious if ANSYS 11 can be installed on OPEN Susse 11.1, and if works all modules after install.

Thank you in advance for yours support.

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Maybe here: ANSYS Platform Support.:confused:

Hello, Than you very much for this information, but I’m curious if somebody try to install ANSYS 11 on platform Open Susse 11.1, and if all ANSYS modules works good.

Thank you in advance for yours support.

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I am not sure about ansys, however there is a powerful alternative made available by EDF of France. code aster.
You can find it under Code Aster its GPL v2.
The French use it - among other things - for calculating parts of their nuclear reactors. There are scientific papers where they did direct comparison to results from ansys, abaqus and test results. It performed quite well.
Downside: Docu is almost only available in french.
A friend of mine is currently translating it into german for me.
I started a project related to the use of code aster and other Open Source software a few days ago. The project page is currently available in german only, but will be ported to english and french later on. Our target is a special purpose distribution based on OpenSuSE for both FEA-beginners and professionals. Similar to CAE-Linux (CAE-linux Homepage), but 64bit and SusE based. A cluster edition is planned later on as well.
For pre and postprocessing you migth want to use SALOME (SALOME Platform)
Our project can be found at simultux

Be aware we started to work on it on Sept 14.2009, so it is very early stage.

Hope it is ok to post the links here, otherwise please delete post.

Goog morning hildebrandt1977,

In this moment I want to install and use ANSYS, because this is the software which I use on my work, but I want to tested on my home to Linux platform.:beat-up:

Beside of this, I downloaded CAE Linux 2008 (DVD image), and it looks very good like first impresion, and is complete package from the point of view of CAE (FEM + THERMAL + CFD + KYNEMATIC). This alternative (CAE Linux) caption my atention and in this moment I will insist to install ANSYS 11 on Linux and in paralell to learn how can be made the same study in CAE linux.rotfl!

I hope you will understand my option.rotfl!

Best regards.