users installed by default


I installed tumbleweed and I am wondering why I have firebird and mysql users came with install by default.
I dont have mysql or firebird installed on my system. Is there any reason they are automatically created by installer?


PRETTY_NAME=“openSUSE Tumbleweed”

Firebird is used by LibreOffice, so this is not installed? Something still using the mysql user, no mariadb installed?

I checked that libreoffice and mariadb is installed by default by the installer,
but for user firebrid, user is disabled and there is no file owner by firebird. only /srv/firebird is the home folder for the user. there is no process also running with firebird user.
also same for mysql user, doesnot own any files other than its home folder /var/log/mysql

linux-8kr3:/ # find / -user firebird
find: File system loop detected; ‘/.snapshots/1/snapshot’ is part of the same file system loop as ‘/’.
find: ‘/proc/2532/task/2532/fd/6’: No such file or directory
find: ‘/proc/2532/task/2532/fdinfo/6’: No such file or directory
find: ‘/proc/2532/fd/5’: No such file or directory
find: ‘/proc/2532/fdinfo/5’: No such file or directory
find: ‘/run/user/1000/gvfs’: Permission denied

If this is default behaviour for libreoffice and maria db than I should be careful when setting up my own firebird server. but looks a little suspicious from the point of paranoid security perspective.
(I am not sure how to seperate things if its actual libreoffice process or a malware )

Try a zypper rm firebird will show what’s using it…

AFAIK, it’s just for the firebird sql connection feature of LibreOffice if and when required (as in a firebird server instance running). I guess the openSUSE packagers made it a requires…

I checked the command zypper rm firebird - and based on output “firebird package” - not the user is used by libreoffice components. But there is nothing connecting those packages to firebird user.

I checked the same on a clean fedora 24 /ubuntu 16.04 and debian jessie 8.6 install
none of them has firebird user even though I made sure all 3 of them has libreoffice installed including libreoffice base!

what is different with suse compared fedora/debian/ubuntu that libreoffice needs firebird user - and other distros are fine without firebird user / I tested and run libreoffice base on all 3 distros without firebird user in the system.

I am starting to think that firebird user has nothnig to do with libreoffice since libreoffice is working fine without a “firebird user” on other distros

If you look at the changelog, openSUSE builds LibreOffice with firebird integration…

- change BuildRequire from pkgconfig(fbembed) to libfbembed-devel;
  this is a temporary workaround allowing build both before and
  after firebird is upgraded to version 3.0 in Factory; once 3.0
  is there, this will be changed to pkgconfig(fbembed) or
  pkgconfig(fbclient), based on %suse_version

It does ‘require’ firebird, since libfblient is used by LibreOffice, this will add the firebird user.

thanks for clarification. This must be different implementation of libreoffice between distros.