Username and Password for CUPS

I’m trying to install a DeskJet 6980 using CUPS, I’ve tried doing it through the wireless link and with a USB cable. Everything goes well until until, right at the end I get the message:-

A username and password are being requested by http://localhost:631. The site says: “CUPS”

My Opensuse username and password do not work, what does the CUPS system want? Why is everything so difficult? I like OpenSuse but I get tired of having to fight all the way.


As i said on the other post its The username and password u use for root login.
Not the usename and password u use for user login

It depends on the version of OpenSUSE you are using. Previously you had to set up a single password to use across the system; from 10.3 you could use username and password. I don’t know if things have changed again in 11; however, it is explained in the documentation.