Have 12.1 and was going to upgrade to 12.3. I bought the disc and everything seemed to install fine. KDE Message on screen came up with Nepodunk error (11) I tried to redo, ignore, abort. My mouse froze and then the entire screen went garbled. I tried a clean install and the same thing happened. Don’t know what to do. I never had this problem before. Newbee sorta.
Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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First of all, you use the word ‘upgrade.’ If that is really what you mean then upgrading from 12.1 to 12.3 is a no-no. You can only do a reinstall if you are going from 12.1 to 12.3.

Secondly, if you get problems with a re-install, try installing xfce instead and make sure everything is working and then install KDE and try to sort out any problems from then on. This means you won’t lose the use of the machine while you sort out the KDE problems.

Thirdly, if you get problems with the re-install, you need to give a bit more information about the precise stage at which these problems emerge.

Thank you. When I used the term “upgrade” I meant install. The problem occurred when everything was done. The screen looked okay and it appeared ready to use. Then this little error box popped up saying there was a problem with nepomuk error 11.
I will try what you said and let you know. It may be a day or so when I can do it.
Thank you so much.

Ok still using your original home I guess???

If so there may be a config problem in the ~/.kde4 You might try a different user and see if you still get the error.

Okay…I tried installing with xfce and that went fine. However I am not smart enough to find the problem. I installed 12.3 from disc again and still got the pop up box that said “Service Stub
Restart Report bug Close
Executable: nepomukservicestub PID: 7669 Signal: Segmetation fault (11)”
No matter what I do it happens and won’t let me go anywhere. After the third time it pops up my mouse freezes and the whole screen gets garbled. Going back to 12.1. It works great with NO problems. Nepomuk stinks!!

Did you try a different user. I’d say that the problem is in a config file in the ~/.kde4 directory assuming you kept your old home when you installed 12.3. Creating a second user and logging in as that user will confirm or deny the assertion. You should be able to add a new user via yast either from xfce or by starting in a terminal logging in as root and typing yast navigate to user sections and add a new user. Log out then back in as the new user. this will create a new pristine ~/.kde4 for that new user. If the new user works then let us know and we can supply a fix.

Nepomuk works fine here. And it can’t really cause your mouse/video problems. This would more likely point to a graphics driver issue.

Are you running KDE or XFCE now?
What kind of graphics card do you have and what driver do you use (default or proprietary if available)?