user switching in KDE finally working with plasmoid-fastuserswitch

For years, I think since 11.1, switching users have been painfully slow.
I’ve believed it to be a nvidia bug with my geforce240 card.

But it is solved with this little plasmoid gem:

I’m not sure other users have experienced this, but it has been a pain for years
Now we finally can keep all our user logged in.

Thanks Zarko Pintar

sheez, there should be a way to get this to the masses. Can we change the title to fast user switch login, instead of the onewordthing that will never get searched for.
Nice discovery, by the way :slight_smile:

I’m sorry it is now back again after 20 days in heaven. today it was back again. I’ve tried rebooting and updating.
I need to dig more into this, try and reinstall the app and see if it works again.