User mounted nfs fails on 13.1

I cannot get an nfs partition listed in fstab to mount using /bin/mount. I am not sure if the way to do this has changed for 13.1 or if its a bug.

I am using the line /mnt/knb        nfs4    defaults,noauto,user,ro 0 0

in fstab. And trying to mount it using

mount -v /mnt/knb/

this gives the message

mount.nfs4: timeout set for Mon Oct 28 12:01:43 2013
mount.nfs4: trying text-based options 'addr=,clientaddr='

This does not timeout.

I am connecting to the server/old laptop though a eth to a wireless client setup to the home wireless.
This setup is working fine on 12.3 from the same computer.
Has there been any changes here and where are the logs for this?

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A similar problem and it is reported as a bug already:
“> When configuring NFS Client with YaST2 the process hangs at 50% of creation and
> no way to cancel is possible except rebooting.” Bug

-I had the same problem. I set NFS to not use NFSv4 on both client (13.1 RC1) and server (12.3) as a workaround fine and work for me after that.

This may be related to bug 845620 but yast can mount the share. Its just mount from the cli that fails.

What log file is being listed in the bug report comment 1.

Looking into this further, this looks to be the same bug as 845620.
Journalctl show a very similar log to the bug report.