user module in KDE system settings

I remember that in KDE system settings there was a module where I can set what user to see at login and also if root had to be visible or not and autologin and change of login manager too, I cannot find it now, is it gone??
how can I exclude a user to be shown in login screen and include root?
how can I change login manager?
manythanks, ciao, pier :slight_smile:

That was part of kdm and kde4, the default login manager for plasma 5 is sddm
you can tweak some of sddm’s settings in System Settings->Startup and Shutdown->Login Screen (SDDM)

afaik with sddm you can not do that only kdm4 and kdebase4workspace (you will need the kde4 settings application to tweak kdm)
you can install kdm and kdebase4-workspace

zypper in kdm kdebase4-workspace

there are several ways the simplest is with yast
start yast->/etc/sysconfig Editor
in Desktop->Display Manager->DISPLAYMANAGER change the value from sddm to the DM you want to use kdm (I’m pretty sure it needs to be kdm4) or xdm or lightdm etc.