user groups permission

just install opensuse leap 15.3 generic, then install cinnamon environment using one click install website.
come from mint, never work with “users and groups administration” before.

when open yast, user and group administration (there’s one user, my account), when choose edit it and go to details tab (find i “my account” only part from users group(default group), but did not belong to any other group (additional groups). is that normal, or i should choose another groups to be part from them?

reason make me feeling something wrong i face problem with file manager( i already make another thread but look like no one use cinnamon environment and nemo file manger)

thanks in advance

You are very vague about the real problem you face (“i face problem with file manager” is not very explaining). But in general adding groups to a user should be handled with care. It is part of the security on your system. Thus you, as system manager, should have a very well understood reason to add groups to a user.

Yes, that’s normal.

Some distros (Ubuntu, for example) do create an addition group for you and add you to that group. I never understood why they do that, because it doesn’t actually do anything. Groups can be useful, but not that way.

Yes, some distros also add administrative users to the “wheel” group, and they configure “sudo” to make that useful. At present, openSUSE doesn’t use “sudo” in that way, though there is some talk of changing that.

My personal view of Users and Groups is that of the Linux Standard – Base Core Specifications (Generic Part) – <>

  • Which is basically the same as the UNIX® view …

Please note that, the Linux Standard doesn’t define the default “users” group – the ArchWiki has a clue to this point – <> –

The primary group for users when user private groups are not used (generally not recommended), e.g. when creating users with USERGROUPS_ENAB no in /etc/login.defs or the -N/–no-user-group option of useradd.

Personally, I simply follow the definition of GID values in ‘/etc/login.defs’ –

  • The GID values 1000 to 60000 are available for user groups defined by system administrators.
  • The GID values 100 to 499 are reserved for dynamic allocation by system administrators and post install scripts for system groups.

The GID values 60001 to 65532 are outside the range of GID values which openSUSE tools can manage.

  • The GID values 65533 and 65534 are reserved for the system groups “nobody” and “nogroup” – these groups are of special significance for NFS …

[HR][/HR]Why is all this needed?

  • If, you have a system which has a multi-user environment and, you wish to separate the users into various groups – with controlled access to directories and files used by each individual user group – then, separate user groups form the basis of the file access protection of the directory trees used by each individual user group …
  • In a multiple machine networked environment, this maps to the directory trees of the NFS servers and, is usually controlled from a login view by the LDAP servers …
  • SELinux and AppArmor apply further measures to ensure that the enforcement of security decisions is separate from the security policy – much more complex and, usually drop ACLs on top of the user group permissions …

If you have only one user on the system (a PC system model – with only one physical human per Personal Computer hardware) then, forget the need for separated (human) user groups and concentrate on the physical security of that single piece of hardware …

before write this thread i writ my main problem in another thread, but no one replay (95 person show without any replay). i think not a lot use cinnamon envi. with suse. as my main problem debend on premission so remove nemo (cinnammon file manager) and start ask about the permissions it self(users and groups), so maybe i can find the problem.

that the main problem

Wait a minute –

  • You wrote that the Cinnamon File Manager – Nemo – integral feature “Open as root
    ” doesn’t behave as expected.

I suspect that, this behaviour is not at all related to User Groups and individual User permissions.
[HR][/HR]It may well be related to a PolicyKit issue in that, the “Open as root” feature of the Cinnamon File Manager is being blocked due to a missing policy entry.
[HR][/HR]What happens if, you use YaST, change to the View “Schemes” and in the “Graphical Environment” section choose the section “Cinnamon Desktop Environment”?

  • Simply select at least the “Patterns” packages (“patterns-cinnamon-cinnamon_basis
    ” and “patterns-cinnamon-cinnamon”) and install everything those patterns pull into your system.

Please note that, Cinnamon is derived from GNOME 3 and therefore, needs more than a few GNOME components to function properly, including the “polkit-gnome” package.

I do believe this is the true issue the OP is facing.

polkit-gnome, find it installed.
install every things pattern check it but same result. as this first time deal with opensuse am sure i will need reinstall operation system soon. so i jst will wait till that happen and will install it with gnome environment.

many thanks for you and all friends who try help me. really it’s amazing community, my love and respect.