User & group management missing

i tried a reinstall after the problem with Opensuse-SLE-15-4-2023-796 security update and noticed that under Yast is missing the User & group management option. Also SSH does not accept my user account password. Why is user & group missing ?

I have reinstalled this twice with no changes in the install procedure.

opensuse no user

Hi compis,

YaST is set up of a couple of modules. You may be missing the module “yast2-users”:

pluto:~ # LANG=C zypper if yast2-users
Loading repository data...
Reading installed packages...

Information for package yast2-users:
Repository     : Update repository with updates from SUSE Linux Enterprise 15
Name           : yast2-users
Version        : 4.4.12-150400.3.6.1
Arch           : x86_64
Vendor         : SUSE LLC <>
Installed Size : 1.1 MiB
Installed      : Yes
Status         : up-to-date
Source package : yast2-users-4.4.12-150400.3.6.1.src
Upstream URL   :
Summary        : YaST2 - User and Group Configuration
Description    : 
    This package provides GUI for maintenance of linux users and groups.

pluto:~ # 

Try “zypper se -s yast2-users”. And BTW, you can check for other modules you may like/need: “zypper se -s yast”

ssh is a different issue. You may have to do a fresh setup for ssh users and passwords after reinstall. That information has been deleted.

Why would a new installation exclude users & groups?

What do you mean when you talk about SSH the information has been deleted ?

As long as you do not answer the question that hui asked

LANG=C zypper if yast2-users

we do not even know if it is there (and then we have to find out why it is not shown in YaST), or if it isn’t (and then we may want to find out why it isn’t installed, but in that case you can at least install yourself and use it).
So why do you not follow the suggestions of people trying to help you?

This time it was kasi042 :wink:

I am sorry for that. :shame:

Hehe, no! Don’t worry. hui is helping a lot so I think I should feel honored! :upside_down_face:

a) I have no idea. You may want to check as suggested.
b) You said you have reinstalled. Local ssh keys and info are stored in /etc/ssh/ and after reinstall it’s rather likely they’d be lost / deleted / overwritten.

I would like to know why a failure occurred because on a new test installation Opensuse has pushed out a bad security update Opensuse-sle-15-4-2023-796 (1) which I believe causes the issue. Opensuse apparently retracted this bad security update. Is there any information on this bad update ?

I have a Leap 15.4 here, up-to-date until 2023-03-21. YaST > Security and Users > User and Group Management is available and alive and kicking. So I can not reproduce your problem. Also it seems that nobody reports the same as you do. Makes it a bit difficult to help.

Did you check if the package yast2-users is installed?

Absolutely I checked the install. I installed on a virtual machine the first time and User & group was present. The second time it was missing. I provided a screen shot for that reason. This suggest a modification in the download of updates that altered the configuration.
The original SHA256 hash is 56df4fed9da79ddf36ae593a8be635b75ceb51d6b098b4ada5c20b5d7567971f