User-friendly firewall configuration

Hello again. I asked on forum for advices about security for beginners, which move from Win7, but moderators delete whole topic I don’t know why
(they were some useful answers, and all is gone :frowning_face:

I know that for security I must block all incoming connections.

I have PC behind router (hardware firewall) but it is configured for mid-level security, to not annoy other home users.

But how to configure system firewall for this example situations (preferrably through GUI):

  1. Block internet incoming and outgoing connections for all programs except outgoing connections for one app, for example Firefox?

  2. Block all connections for exe’s under WINE. You now, many Winsows programs are spies. On Win10 even calculator :slightly_smiling_face:

  3. Block all connections for plugin-based
    software, for example untrusted python plugins in Blender can be risky, i think.

Btw. Is there any popup-based interactive firewall that let me decide with 1-click in realtime what allow and what block?

I am very sorry, but it seems that in removing the posts about an off topic subject at the end of your thread I did remove (or something similar) the whole thread. You can blame me for that. I will try to (get help to) restore it.

In any case there is no fault of you here. Sorry again.

@hcvv @JamSpam It’s restored… :wink:

Please tell us how you’re connecting to the Internet –

  • By means of an ISP serving private households?
  • By means of an ISP serving commercial companies?
  • By means of a direct connection to an Internet exchange point (IXP)?