User and Root Passwords do not work in Virtual Box

Hello altogether,

I installed TW i585 in Virtualbox. Unfortunately the password set in the installation process does not work for the user nor root.
I ran through the installation process a second time but face exactly the same problem :(.

Host System:
Opensuse 13.2, x86_64, KDE 4
AMD A6-6310, Radeon R4, 8GB Ram
Virtual Box 4.3.30 (from standard opensuse repos)

Guest System:
OpenSuse TW, i585, Plasma 5

What can I do?
Thank you!

Guest System:
OpenSuse TW, i585, Plasma 5

Hm, I just installed current 32bit Tumbleweed in VirtualBox (5.0.2 running on openSUSE 13.2) a few days ago, and had no problem whatsoever.

Maybe it’s just a wrong keyboard layout?

Also, shouldn’t Auto-login be activated by default? Or did you disable it?

Keyboard layout, caps lock. After I enter the root password I always type
a few characters in that test field below those password fields just to be
sure I get what I expect; if not, I correct and then re-type passwords.

Good luck.

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Okay, thank you! It was the keyboard-layout.

Didn’t experience that during the install of 13.2. Maybe it’s a bug?

Might be.
What did you use to install? IIRC, there were problems with the LiveCDs that they don’t set the keyboard layout correctly during installation. I don’t know whether this has been fixed or not.

OTOH, when I installed recently, I did notice that the correct language packages were not installed, only the english ones despite me selecting “German” in the installer.
I haven’t notice a problem with the keyboard layout though, will have to check again.

I am certain, that I switched to german in the installation process and took care, that the german keyboard layout is chosen.
I did the same procedure on the 13.2 install, and the keyboard-layout was set correctly.

That’s what make me wondering.

Okay. I will do another installation this weekend to find it out and in case file a bug report. Maybe we can sort this out before the next release.

I did do a fresh installation meanwhile, and indeed selecting a german keyboard during installation doesn’t work. The layout is still US even in the installer’s test input field.
And what’s worse: it doesn’t even work to set german in the installed system in YaST. Actually it is configured already, but even setting another one and then switching back to german doesn’t have any effect.
Choosing “German (with deadkeys)” works though.

It might be related to this bug report I think: