User and Group Management from yast crashes

From the gui or from a konsole window the User and Group Management module crashes every time i try it. In the GUI it pauses a 30 seconds or so “Read default System Values” then in the blink of an eye it completes and the window disappears
When try it from a Konsole window it just closes and when i quit yast i see this on the Konsole screen:

Warning: unable to close filehandle __ANONIO__ properly: Bad file descriptor,
        <STDIN> line 2 during global destruction (#1)
    (S io) There were errors during the implicit close() done on a filehandle
    when its reference count reached zero while it was still open, e.g.:
            open my $fh, '>', $file  or die "open: '$file': $!
            print $fh $data or die "print: $!";
        } # implicit close here
    Because various errors may only be detected by close() (e.g. buffering could
    allow the print in this example to return true even when the disk is full),
    it is dangerous to ignore its result.  So when it happens implicitly, perl
    will signal errors by warning.
    Prior to version 5.22.0, perl ignored such errors, so the common idiom shown
    above was liable to cause silent data loss.

Note that I have plenty of free disk space in all partitions and lots of memory too. I also rebooted “just in case” - no difference
Any ideas as to how to go about debugging this?

Seeing the same problem since 20190108.

There is a fix on the way…

Fixed in snapshot 20190110 …

The latest TW update does indeed fix both problems in update 20190110 (at least for me it does)

Not yet to me, so I have reopened the issue, and having the release 20190110.