useing forums

I don’t know if I’m using this forum wrong. I post a thread and then someone asks for more information. I reply with more info and never here back from anyone again. What am I doing wrong?:confused:

Your doing nothing wrong. I’ll go back to your other thread and deal with that there.

Support via the forums is community based, so it may be simply a time thing the person helping isn’t on line, has missed the post, different time zones etc…

Linux tends to lead you into self help, a lot googling, wiki and man pages.

Now if your waiting for a hand me out then you have to wait for it to be handed out.

Now it is probably acceptable but not to be done too hastily or with out thought but occasionally you can bump a post, post a new snippet in the original thread etc.

Yes I have waited days and got no reply to the info I send. I just checked again. No replys. It has been at least two weeks.

Looks to me like your posts ARE getting replies. I’ve just had a quick look).