"Useful Tip"?

At start up today, my “ktip” was this gem:

By holding down the Shift button while moving a container (button or applet) on the Panel, the container can then be used to push forward other containers.

I tried holding the shift button and pushing things around, but nothing happens… :()

Any other useless gems in he ktip library?

about three years ago i saw that tip…and, about the same time i saw
another tip, don’t remember what now, and wrote the guy who had is
name on the ktip file as the maintainer and told him that tip didn’t
work…and, wrote back and said it wasn’t his job to keep the tips up
to date, just to keep the tip serving software up to date…i guess
that means the KDE developers have not kept the ktip database of tips
up to date…you’d think that would be their highest priority (while
KDE4 crumbles all around them) huh?