Use nm-applet instead of knetworkmanager in KDE3?

I have installed networkmanager-gnome in Opensuse 11/KDE3 because I like the list of connections it shows with just one click. How do I get nm-applet to start at boot, and disable knetworkmanager from starting? Normally I would just drag a shortcut to ~/.kde/Autostart, but nm-applet doesn’t have a menu entry to copy.

  • 67GTA,

uninstall knetworkmanager and log out and back in. Then launch nm-applet, log out log in. By default it should save your session including the applet.
BTW, I found that the KDE3 knetworkmanager works for me if I use a fixed IP for the WLAN connection.


Duh. I never thought of that. I forgot KDE3 done that. Thanks for jolting my brain;) Knetworkmanager works fine as far as connecting goes. I just hate having to create a new connection every time when I’m on the move and find a new connection. The Gnome version will show all available connections with one click on the networkmanager icon.