Use as file server with windows pc's

I am very new to opensuse/linux.

I’ve got a novell 5.x server that’s main purpose is to act as a file server for a small office (10 users). The only use is user authentication and saving files (not by user, but rather just shared files everyone can access). Most of the files are Excel files and pictures for business use.

My novell server is dead, and I need to find an alternative file server (I’m dead set against using Windows server).

Will opensuse with samba be able to act in a similar way as novell as far as sharing files (i.e. map a network drive that all users can access)?

If it’s a workgroup and a mapped drive that the winusers see then it will work for office files IME: Samba: HowTo Mount a CIFS Network Share [AKA Map Network Drive] in openSUSE 10 & 11 plus FAQs

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