USBs get mounted very slowly

Hi folks,

In my leap most USBs get mounted very slowly,
For example it takes more than 1:30 min for my 16GB USB3 flash drive to get mounted.

PS1: some USBs get mounted in a sec, eg. my 2GB USB2 flash drive.
PS2: some of them are FAT and some NTFS, and non has any problem in my Windows and Mageia linux,


See if the advice in this thread help (post #32 onwards)

To be more specific, it links to this thread (post#6)

The advice is to downgrade sg3_utils.

Hey Deano Ferrari,
Thanks a lot,
sounds that it did the trick and now USBs get mounted in a sec,

Regards :wink:

Good to hear!

Hi again,

Sorry, i got a new issue,
I just found out that usb drives with storage more than 16GB take some minutes to get mounted.
My 16GB SiliconPower gets about 3 minutes to get mounted, my 32GB seems never to get recognized (as i waited about 5~6 minutes without any success :frowning: )


I can only suggest you read/add to the following bug report.