USBIP looks messy


I try to install an USB device installed on router through USB over IP.
I installed usbip package from Opensuse version 1.1.1-25.1
Man usbip says

       usbip [options]

       Devices exported by USB/IP servers can be listed, attached and detached using this program.

       -a, --attach <host> <bus_id>
              Attach a remote USB device.

       -x, --attachall <host>
              Attach all remote USB devices on the specific host.

       -d, --detach <ports>
              Detach an imported USB device.

       -l, --list <hosts>
              List exported USB devices.

       -p, --port
              List virtual USB port status.

       -D, --debug
              Print debugging information.

       -v, --version
              Show version.

           client:# usbip --list server
               - List exportable usb devices on the server.

           client:# usbip --attach server 1-2
               - Connect the remote USB device.

           client:# usbip --port
               - Show virtual port status.

           client:# usbip --detach 0
               - Detach the usb device.

When I enter

~ # usbip -a 1-1
usbip: invalid option
usage: usbip --debug] --log] [version]
             [help] <command> <args>
~ # usbip --attach 1-1
usbip: invalid option
usage: usbip --debug] --log] [version]
             [help] <command> <args>

~ # usbip -l
usbip: invalid option
usage: usbip --debug] --log] [version]
             [help] <command> <args>

~ # usbip --list
usbip: invalid option
usage: usbip --debug] --log] [version]
             [help] <command> <args>

~ # usbip -p
usbip: invalid option
usage: usbip --debug] --log] [version]
             [help] <command> <args>
~ # usbip --port
usbip: invalid option
usage: usbip --debug] --log] [version]
             [help] <command> <args>

Is it my mistake? IP address and bus_id are valid. Is it doc mistake?
I found lot of different syntaxes but not one can attach my device.

Thanks to enlighten me.

I kn ow nothing about USB over IP, nor about the usbip tool, apart from the (part of the) man page you show.

But the error messages do not complain about your parameters (<host> and/or <bus-id>) but about the options themselves. You first have to find out why it does not accept options like -a (invalid option).

What I detect as strange is that the tool then displays a usage message that is only in part the same as what the man page says.

Are you sure you have the man page that belongs to (your version of) the tool?

And what when you try

usbip help

And maybe you can add some explanation on your setup.
Apparently you use the usbip command on a USBIP client, but that is only my assumption, not because you explained that. And the USBIP server seems to be on, but you fail to provide any information about it. Is it also openSUSE, are you sure the server is running? What port(s) is the server listening on? Are there any firewalls that are to be opened for that traffic?

More info
I did the install in the router (as server) following this howto
This is OK
Now client side I installed usbip.
After try and fail, I found how to use it

~ # usbip
usage: usbip --debug] --log] [version]
             [help] <command> <args>

  attach     Attach a remote USB device
  detach     Detach a remote USB device
  list       List exportable or local USB devices
  bind       Bind device to usbip-host.ko
  unbind     Unbind device from usbip-host.ko

~ # usbip attach
usage: usbip attach <args>
    -h, --host=<host>      The machine with exported USB devices
    -b, --busid=<busid>    Busid of the device on <host>

~ # usbip list
usage: usbip list -p|--parsable] <args>
    -p, --parsable         Parsable list format
    -r, --remote=<host>    List the exportable USB devices on <host>
    -l, --local            List the local USB devices

~ # usbip list -r
Exportable USB devices
        1-1: Brother Industries, Ltd : DCP-7055 scanner/printer (04f9:0248)
           : /sys/devices/platform/10000000.fpi/1e101000.ifxhcd/usb1/1-1
           : (Defined at Interface level) (00/00/00)

~ # usbip attach -h -b 1-1

The last command has not output, so is good
What is confusing is the option differ regarding second part of the command.
This thread is solved.

I have 2 computers with Leap 42.3 connected to the router. Both USBIP don’t want to work.
I’ll investigate further and let people know for ref.

Anyway thanks for your help

Nice you found out how to do it.

But what works is quite different from the man page you show.

E.g. the man page says that for attaching you need the --attach option, but in fact you need the attach command. :\

And that is asking for an upstream bug-report