USBCam on OpenSUse 12.3


I use openSUSE 12.3 and my USB webcam does not work.
I did not even find it on Yast.
Do you can help me?
What should I do to run the USB webcam?

Thank you!


Mi uzas openSUSE 12.3 kaj mia USB-webcam ne funkcias.
Mi eĉ ne trovis ĝin sur Yast.
Ĉu vi povas helpi min?
Kion mi povas fari por funkcii la USB-webcam?
Sur Windows-7 ĝi bone funkcias.


For most webcams the driver is already included with openSUSE, and it is provided together with the kernel.

There is guidance in this wiki here on setting up one’s webcam:

From that wiki article, please note for us on the forum to help you, we need more information on your webcam. That can be provided by you opening a terminal/konsole and when the webcam is connected to the PC type in that terminal/konsole the command to list the USB contents:


then copy the output of that command and paste it here in this thread.

Please note that if it is Skype that you are trying to configure to use with your webcam, there is guidance on how to install Skype in openSUSE here:

Hello, oldcpu!!

I’m not trying to use Skype. I’m trying to use the USB-webcam with
I saw that the USB-webcam works with Kopete, but does not work with

Bus 001 Device 003: ID 1871:01f0 Aveo Technology Corp.

Thank you!

This device appears to be supported via the uvcvideo driver according to
Linux UVC driver & tools

but I have no experience with TwitCasting, so can’t offer advice about that.

Edit: Which app are you using? The page doesn’t seem to mention Linux compatibility …

I use a Twiter account and ligin in “”. I click on “Broadcast”, but when I click on “Start Live” a window pops up saying this:
“No camera or microphone is attached.”

Thank you!

Have you checked that the webcam works properly via an app such as cheese or xawtv yet? That is a good place to start IMHO. It can be installed (if necessary) with

sudo zypper in xawtv

If the camera is working then /dev/video0 should exist, and it should be possible to check basic operation with

xawtv -c /dev/video0

This should open a window and display the webcam image.

If that works, then the driver is ok, and you can move on to testing with different browsers…it may be specific to the website.

I installed the app “xawtv” and it worked fine.

I used two browsers to tests on the website Firefox and Konkeror,
but not the webcam or microphone were found for “”.

Thank you!!

I have not found any evidence online that supports Linux, and especially from their own web site.

I have in my notebook “Linux Mint 14.1” and also the it does not work.

Thank you!