USB Video cards

I am a new user to opensuse, coming from ubuntu. I have a usb to vga external video card that allows me to plug in an external monitor to a usb port.

Tritton SEE2 UV150

Looking around there is a deb file available for ubuntu and the sources are on the suse build service. Though it does not say its available for suse. So im wondering if anyone else has used one of these devices and/or knows how I can get it to work. The pages i have found related are here:
[ubuntu] Triton See2 USB Dual-Monitor Setup - Ubuntu Forums](

is there a way i could build this to use on suse?

Are you actually using SUSE or just planning to?
Have you tried it is what I am wondering…

Yes im using it now. I just installed it a few hours ago.

I have no experience with what you ask, but did wonder what happened if you connected it. There are some graphics guru’s here, so wait on them.

IMHO your best bet is to locate the source code, and ask one of our packagers to package it for you (and openSUSE).

Did this go any where?

I have a Lenovo Thinkvision usb monitor, this thing is beautiful.
Plugged it in to Suse 12.1 milestone 5,
go to ->multiple Monitors :

“This modules is only for configuring systems with single desktop spread acress multiple monitors. You do not appear to have this configuration.”

So it doesn’t recognize the usb monitor.
What do I have to do?