USB TV Tuner & 12.3

I’m looking at turning a Windows 7 Ultimate (that I use to record TV) machine to Opensuse 12.3… also giving it services that a virtual machine is currently doing (Squid, Apache, MySQL)…

I setup a new install of Opensuse in a vm (vmware) but SuSe doesn’t seem to like my USB TV Tuner (YUAN STK7700D)… it sees it but programs like Kaffine don’t actually pick it up as a tuner… I wouldn’t have thought running it through a VM would have that effect… I’d just like to test it before formatting the drive so I know it will work…

I picked Opensuse simply because thats what I’m familiar with and stand a chance at fixing it if something screws up… However I never setup a TV tuner on one before… Does anyone have any tips?

On Sun, 10 Nov 2013 04:36:01 +0000, dcarson82 wrote:

> Does anyone have any tips?

Start by making sure the device can be supported on Linux at all - I
spent a little time a couple years ago trying to get a device working,
but it turned out the particular chipset it used wasn’t supported, and
the chipset manufacturer wasn’t interested in releasing it’s
specifications so an OSS driver could be supported.


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