USB to Ethernet adapter / D-Link DUB-E100 / supported?

The box in question is a Eee PC running openSUSE-11.1 i586. It is a firewall/router with the native Ethernet plug connected to the internet and a USB to LAN converter from ADMtek (AN8515) pointing to the LAN. It was running quite some time with the Pegasus II USB Ethernet driver, but it was running hot and probably failed, as I have no connection anymore.

I want to replace it by a D-Link DUB-E100 which seems to be of better quality. The manufacturer does not list it as compatible:

DUB-E100: USB 2.0 Fast Ethernet Adapter - Networking cards, switches and other network devices - D-Link, from D-Link Home

but according to The GNU/Linux “usbnet” Driver it should be supported. Anyone having practical experience with this device? Or comments?

So are you wanting to buy one and so you don’t have it yet to try? It looks like the information for one is kind of old, but indications are it worked with kernel If you have not seen this one here is a page I found on it. Good luck.

Details for: D-Link Corp. DUB-E100

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Just for the record: D-Link DUB-E100 was not on stock. I ordered one and should get it within a few days to test. In the meantime I bought a cheaper one from DeLOCK and found it works out of the box:

dmesg | grep usb-ethernet
eth1: register 'MOSCHIP usb-ethernet driver' at usb-0000:00:1d.7-2, MOSCHIP 7830/7730 usb-NET adapter, 00:13:3b:04:00:f3

lsmod | grep usb
usbnet                 15832  1 mcs7830
usb_storage            90436  0
mii                     4968  3 mcs7830,r8169,usbnet
usbhid                 45628  0
hid                    35568  1 usbhid
ff_memless              7132  1 usbhid
usbcore               165996  8 mcs7830,usbnet,usb_storage,ndiswrapper,usbhid,uhci_hcd,ehci_hcd
scsi_mod              149944  4 usb_storage,sg,sd_mod,libata

lsusb -v | grep -A 15 9710:7830
Bus 001 Device 003: ID 9710:7830 MosChip Semiconductor MCS7830 Ethernet
Device Descriptor:
  bLength                18
  bDescriptorType         1
  bcdUSB               2.00
  bDeviceClass          255 Vendor Specific Class
  bDeviceSubClass         0
  bDeviceProtocol       255
  bMaxPacketSize0        64
  idVendor           0x9710 MosChip Semiconductor
  idProduct          0x7830 MCS7830 Ethernet
  bcdDevice            1.00
  iManufacturer           1 Moschip Semiconductor
  iProduct                2 USB-MAC Controller
  iSerial                 3 3b0400f3
  bNumConfigurations      1

It really seems that most of these devices “just work”. DeLOCK even announced on the package that the device works with a linux kernel >= 2.6.11. That’s what I call a linux-friendly company. I will report on the DUB E-100 as soon as it’s available.