USB thumb drive not working

Hello…i have a problem with my thumb drives not showing up. The system reconizes the drive in hardware information but the drive will not load. I have tried to mount the drive and it keeps saying that there is no dev/sdb (my thumb drive) in the etc/fstab or etc/mtab. I have checked the fstab folder and there is nothing in there about my jump or my cd rom drive. I have shot this problem to other people and no solution. I am here hoping for different results. Can any one help me out.

1.I can mount the drive

2.The drive works in windows xp and vista

3.It was working about a week ago.>:(


Thumb drives are never in fstab

Try formatting it

With your thumb drive plugged in, why not run the following terminal command and post the results here in a message?

grep -Ff <(hwinfo --disk --short) <(hwinfo --usb --short) | grep "/dev/"

On my computer, I get the following results:

  /dev/sdg             Sony Card R/W  -CF
  /dev/sdh             Sony Card R/W  -SM/xD
  /dev/sdi             Sony Card R/W  -SD
  /dev/sdj             Sony Card R/W  -MS
**  /dev/sdl             Generic Flash Disk**
  /dev/sdk             TEAC FD-05PUW
  /dev/sdm             Hitachi HDS72303

I highlighted the thumb drive I had plugged in at the time. They all seem to come up a little different.

Thank You,