USB syncing application

I was thinking that it would be nice to have a directory (or even several directories) on my computer, that my USB drive would automatically sync with when it was mounted. Sort of like the iPod/iTunes library thing, but for usb drives and regular files. Rsync is exactly what I want as far as the syncing goes, but I have to run it manually; I would prefer it to run by itself whenever I plug the device in. Is there a program that would set this up, or can someone suggest a way to do it with a bash script? I thought about doing a cron job that would check to see if the usb drive was mounted every so often and call rsync if it was, but that seemed a little clunky. :
Thanks for your help!

until you figure out how to run it like magic, you could put a
rsync/script under an easy to find icon to click…and, that way if
you wanted to connect the USB and get busy (say) watching a movie from
it, you might not want the sync script automatically running right then…

hmmm…did you want it to continuously sync as long as connected…or
only on initial connections… and, if continuous is desired, how
would you know when it is in sync (and ready to be unplugged… an icon
to click seems like a good way for that too, if you have an “I’m
finished.” signal from the script…

Have a lot of fun…

Have a look at this thread, install ivman

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Thanks, the ivman thing looks like it will be perfect!