USB stick install

Hello, I downloaded the openSUSE-13.1-DVD-i586 iso file to my hard drive and installed the image writer.
I am unable to select the USB stick when I select the copy button. There is nothing to select.

Here is the guide for Live_USB_stick.

I used these the instructions to create a live usb stick using windows but I
get to the point where using the image write wants to use the usb stick.
I select down arrow tab next to the copy tab but there is nothing to select.
Also tried closing explorer windows and running as administrator. No luck
with the mountvol command either. I am using Windows 8.1 and this
comes with Net 4. Are there settings for Net 4 to activate it? Does the
usb stick need to be formatted specifically. Briefly look at the diskpart
command in troubleshooting section but this did not display the usb drive
either. What needs to be done to allow the image writer to select the usb
stick as a target?

I wonder if you are following the correct instructions: because these describe how to format the USB stick if you run into problems.

I am having the same problems with the install to usb stick with windows 7. The format instructions do not work as claimed. I get access denied when I do this command mountvol driveletter: /d

Usually he problem is with Windows 8 try this instead of image writer