USB stick does not open when icon clicked

I installed 11.2 Gnome 32 bit version and I notice that when I insert a USB stick (8G) that it either will not open, or it takes several minutes; on another distro, the same stick is instantly recognised, and a window opens immediately;

I went back and booted up the liveCD; I notice now the liveCD does this too;

(I now see a window has opened from the USB stick after about 3mins);

is there some way I can investigate; or describe this behaviour of the system please?

I can tell you my external USB HD takes about 60 seconds to come to life. I haven’t bothered investigating yet. But it is a bug IMO, I didn’t check if there were reports yet either.

Just to add. Smaller USB pen drive 2GB is instant

thanks caf; I have filed a bug report