USB stick boot problem

My openSUSE 11.4 USB stick (created with dd or SUSE image driver) doesn’t work on my new HP ProBook 6460b: PC freezes on starting BIOS (it needs Ctrl-Alt-Canc to boot again)!!!
The stick works fine on my old Compaq nx7400 and on another desktop PC.
An Ubuntu 11.04 USB stick (created with Ubuntu Startup Disk Creator) boots normally on my ProBook. It is not possibile to create Suse 11.4 Live USB using Startup Disk Creator: the tool doesn’t recognize the ISO image.

If I create the USB stick with unetbootin or mandriva-seed the PC doesn’t freeze, but doesn’t boot anyway: on any PC that I tried appeares the messagge “Could not find kernel image: gfxboot”. Same result using the fdisk method suggested in “SDB:Live USB stick / How to make a USB drive bootable” page.

i am also using hp probook but mine is 4520s.unetbootin worked for me.

IMORTANT NOTE: Ensure that your USB drive is fat16/fat32 formatted, otherwise Syslinux WILL fail and your drive WILL NOT Boot.

press esc on your laptop start up.then press f9(in my device f9 for boot options may be vary in other models)for boot options then select your usb(removable media).

I check and reformat to fat32 the stick.
Using unetbootin I obtain a no-boot stick (missing kernel image message on every PC I tried).
Using SUSE imagewriter or dd command ProBook stop immediately: pressing F9 key results unuseful!! But the stick works on on other PC’s.
ProBook works fine with Ubuntu ISO image.

… very very strange for my experience

Can you try another usb stick?May be the problem is in the .iso file.

Done!! I tried 3 different sticks and re-dowoload the ISO file, check it. Try with gnome32/64 and kde/64… anyway I can try some more sticks

wait our forum members will try to help you.

Did you find a solution to this? I have the same problem

+1 =(
this is so wierd

same problem with my acer aspire 7000


I tried again booting from USB stick with 12.1: same result.
I tried and Bootable openSUSE Linux 11.2 64bit on a USB Memory Stick strategies: none working for me (PC doesn’t really freeze, USB stick start booting but show an gfxboot error…)

I guessed a very simple and quick solution from openSUSE SDB:Live USB stick “3 Bootable USB from DVD or Net-install” instructions.
The trick consists in making hybrid-iso the ISO-image you downloaded. For that install the syslinux package, if you don’t have it yet, then use the isohybrid command on your ISO image.

# isohybrid openSUSE-12.1-GNOME-x86_64.iso

then normally write the image to your USB stick (ie. using writeimage) and boot your PC