USB sound card has no volume controls in alsamixer or xfce-mixer.

Hello everyone,

I have an external sound card (a Lexicon Alpha 2x2x2) that doesn’t have any volume controls. When I run alsamixer, and have the USB sound card selected it says “This sound device does not have any controls.” where the volume sliders would normally be. In xfce-mixer, I’m unable to choose the Lexicon Alpha usb sound card from the sound card drop down menu. I can actually hear sound through it if I click the** Audio > Audio Device > Lexicon Alpha** menu in VLC player, and also by running the aplay command, but I’m not able to play any sound from other applications. I’ve spent a few days troubleshooting this with very little progress. I’d appreciate any help.

Here is some diagnostic information which I hope will be helpful:


And in pavucontrol?

I didn’t have pulseaudio installed, so I tried installing it just to see if it would change anything, and ran pauvcontrol.

The Lexicon Alpha actually showed up, but when I tried to play audio in Pragha or in google-chrome I couldn’t hear anything.Then I noticed the Playback tab… Looks like I just had to switch the sound card that each application was using to the Lexicon Alpha from there. I’m honestly a little emarrased that I didn’t think of that.

Anyways, finally, after five days I have sound again. Yay!
Thanks Sauerland.

PS: If you found this post by searching google, the ‘tlp’ package in OpenSUSE prevents the Lexicon Alpha from powering on. Uninstall it, and install pulseaudio in order to get your sound working again.

A year later, I found this post when setting up a new install. To use the audio interface without uninstalling tlp, add it to the usb suspend blacklist in /etc/defaults/tlp. You can get the usb ID by diffing the output of lsusb before and after unplugging the device.