USB semi-automatic installation

Hello guys,

anybody here using USB flash disk to install image of a LEAP system onto different computers ? I am thinking like having a bootable USB drive with a script that formats the drive, do all the adjustments like LVM and then copy the tar archives onto the disk and install it ?

Any input is greatly appreciated.

That is what AutoYaST is for. You can provide complete configuration so installer will run unattended.

and then copy the tar archives onto the disk and install it ?

Which tar archives? If you have additional data you want to copy to installed system, AutoYaST can do it as well.

Something like AutoYaST?

How long does it usually take with AutoYast though ? Currently we use this:

We have a bootable USB which contains LEAP rescue system.
Then we launch an installation script from the USB drive which containst installation instructions like creating LVMs, formatting the drive(s), mounting LVMs and then copying tarred LVMs from the USB drive into the newly created LVMs.

So basically we hava an image fully ready. And this process works manually. But I would like to do it automatically preferably with a GUI to choose which image to install. I heard about squashfs but no idea where to begin.

You might want to investigate SUSE Studio Express and look at creating a pre-defined install image all ready to go… or use kiwi to create one.

Thank you all for your help. This thread may be closed.