USB Rules and Permissions!

hi, when run virtualbox appear this message :

**USB passthru opens a security hole. Please read

to understand the problem. If you really want/need to use USB passthru and are willing to accept the security risk, then do nothing. To plug the security hole, remove all ‘usb’ lines from /etc/udev/rules.d/60-vboxdrv.rules.
**This message will not be seen again!
how to solve this problem.

What problem do you want to “solve”?

This message should only appear the first time, not when you start VirtualBox again.

thanks for ask my question. this message not prevent start virtualbox again but think problem in usb security device.

That’s nothing new though.

VirtualBox needs access to USB devices to be able to use them.
This raises some security concerns though, see the mentioned bug report for a discussion.

So openSUSE’s virtualbox packages had the corresponding udev rules that grant this access disabled by default until now, you had to enable them yourself if you wanted to use USB devices in a guest.

This has been changed now, because Oracle’s VirtualBox package has it enabled since years and many users do want working USB support.
By default it is enabled now in the openSUSE package too, you need to disable it if you worry about the possible security issues by modifying the udev rules file (but then you won’t be able to use USB devices in guests).

That’s what the message tells you.

thanks very much