USB Print Server on HP Photosmart C4480 compatibility list or advice request

Hi, I’m interested to buy an usb print server for my HP C4480.

Before spend money I prefer to be sure to choose the right device.
My printer is HP Photosmart C4480 an it works perfectly with Opensuse (my version is 11.3).

I’ve seen on ebay a very cheap one, but it seems just mac/windows and compatibile…

I need your advices and your experience to know which device could be suitable for my situation. I don’t want to spend too much money, not interested in brands but just in something that works.


HP is a very Linux friendly brand usually if it’s HP it’ll work.
One thing of note is that when you get your printer use yast to install it & pick the hpijs driver just like was done here:
11.4 KDE 4.6 - All images print inverted (white on black)