I like to share mx Samsung scx4600 printer betwen windows and openSUSE 11.2 OS. I try to use ATEN US221A 2 port peripheral switch. It do not work. I like to know if there is some switch to work with Linux or I have to do something that this switch start to run?

Why do you want a hardware piece like that? Why can’t you connect the printer to one of the OSes and print it from both?

I just do not like to have all computers turn on. But if this is the beset solution I will do on that way. Thank you.

Thank you. If this is the best solution I will do so. I just imagine that I could not have all computers turn on.

Theoretically, it should work. You can see the messages thrown when you switch the peripheral to Linux. That will give you an idea whether the port and the peripheral is on it are recognized.

tail -f /var/log/messages

just for the heck of it… try swapping the connetions to the computers…
might be a bad port. :frowning: barring that… does the printer work when directly connected to each machine?

I try to do some check. But I loose Windows machine for some time. Thank you.