Usb passkeys in opensuse

Been reading of coming wide adoption of passkeys. Is there anything on the horizon for opensuse to create usb passkeys?

@Prexy like Yubico? Perhaps add some more context about your use case.

Yes. Like yubico. A quick web search says yubico is for Windows with a variation ($10 more expensive) for MAC. There is also some info that looks like you can download some software and make your own with a usb drive.

But, I was vague because I wanted to hear what people say about the whole concept but focused on opensuse.

Assuming that, we’re talking about FIDO2 here – it’s open standard developed by the FIDO-Allianz and W3C.

Yubico support Linux – <>.

@Prexy use zypper se yubico also use the forum search feature as there are a number of posts about this device.

I’ve used Yubikeys for years, Linux support is definitely there. Same keys work fine regardless of platform - they register as USB HID devices (appear as a keyboard), and send the data (whatever it is - a passkey, stored password, or OTP) when you touch the disc or active area of the device.

Their configuration software code is available for download (don’t recall which license), but I’ve built it on openSUSE myself and used it to configure the keys I have (I work in the identity/security space, so I have a few that I’ve collected over the years - I even inadvertently destroyed one by plugging it into a powered USB hub that was malfunctioning).