USB Palm sync issue

I’m new to Open SUSE, after several years of Ubuntu. I’m trying to set up USB sync for my Palm and having some problems. The tools I’m familiar with, like modprobe, don’t seem to be available. Could someone point me in the right direction to get my sync working correctly? Thanks!

is there anything here that is of any use to you?

OpenSync/palm-sync - openSUSE

in contrast, this is Ubuntu

and this guide suggests gnome-pilot

Ask a Geek!: How to Sync your Palm with Ubuntu

did you install kde on your opensuse?

PacMan repositories may well contain some of what you may want …

I installed Gnome, not KDE. I know I had some issues in the past with getting the /dev/ttyUSB ports to show up, since they are only created when you sync. I used to have a script I could run to set up the /dev/pilot link to those ports and it helped to make the sync work more smoothly. I’ll take another look at the documentation you mentioned–I’m sure there’s something I missed.