usb-modem + virtualBox + sled10sp2-opensuse11

Hello guys.

I contracted internet service by using a cellphone, which later turns into a usb mass storage device and finally turns itself into a usb-modem.

As i dual boot with xp, the device works correctly there (3g or g, both work).

I tried using wine with the installer that comes inside the phone, however i couldn’t get any connection.

I tried to verify whether the device was detected correctly in linux; neither sled10sp2 nor opensuse11 detects the “alcatel x030 usb modem” as a modem but only as a usb disk.

I have tried many tips, from usb-modeswitch, editing fstab, editing boot.local, adding a script to “/usr/share/hal/fdi/prepobe/20thirdparty” to isolate the modem and read many pages on the topic… None of these procedures worked to make this usb-modem function inside linux.

Then I decided to try virtual box with usb support. The usb-modem installs correctly and it’s detected inside the virtual window. However, when i click connect, it won’t.

¿any hints?

My second questions is: in case this usb-modem connects, then i am able to share this internet connection inside virtualbox… what network settings do i have to apply in order to log in to the internet inside virtualbox (with win-xp) and that my applications on my linux host can have access to the net?

I mean, what settings do i have to apply in virtualbox (nat, bridge ethernet connections, etc) so i can have internet access to my linux programs having the connection alive in the virtual machine?

Thanks in advance for your timely response and waiting eagerly for your replies to both questions.


It seems some Ubuntu users solved the problem of getting this modem to appear in USB serial device mode. It should be doable on SUSE also. So stick with your original plan. That would be far, far easier than trying to run another OS, bridging and all that on Vbox.

[all variants] [SOLVED] help with HSDPA USB Modem Alcatel X030 - Ubuntu Forums](

Sorry, no personal experience although the topic interests me because local ISPs offer such modems with 3G plans, and the Huawei E220 is the one often mentioned.