USB Keyboard and mouse not working

Hello everybody,

I just updated my laptop from openSuse 11.2 to 11.3 and after that my USB keyboard and mouse stopped working. They do worked under the installer and the keyboard works in grub, but once I get to the login screen, they don’t work. PS/2 keyboards and mouses work fine. Obviously they were working fine in openSuse 11.2. I checked the hardware info in yast and I do see both the keyboard and the mouse being recognized. Any help will be appreciated.

The laptop is a Dell C630, 4GB RAM, using a docking station, although both devices still don’t work if I am not using the docking station.


A continuation to this issue. I reinstalled opensuse 11.3 from scratch (instead of doing an update) and both keyboard and mouse worked. After a few days of working fine, I booted up today and now both keyboard and mouse are not working anymore. Yesterday I did install some critical updates that came up, I am not sure exactly what it came I need to boot up in Linux again (currently using Windows partition) to check what was installed, maybe that caused the problem. After installing everything worked fine until this morning.

Any help will be appreciated.

Just in case someone is interested in this thread, I found the solution for this problem:

I removed opensuse 11.3 and reinistalled opensuse 11.2 and now everything works just peachy.

I’ve found that different Linux distributions, and indeed different versions of distributions, can at times need the USB 'legacy setting" for the mouse and/or keyboard in the BIOS setup of some PCs. This may or may not be related to what you encountered.

Also note that one can boot to a text mode (run level 3) in openSUSE, login as a regular user, then type ‘su’ to switch to root permissions, and run the setup tool ‘yast’ in a full terminal mode, using the TAB, Spacebar, Arrow Keys, and <enter> key to navigate, which for example can take one to a menu to tune one’s mouse setting.